Cristina riad dar taliwint marrakech


You would not dare to dream of it! But now your stay in Morocco is the ideal opportunity to wear the belly dancer’s costume and let the magic of the music envelop you!

Riad Dar Taliwint can offer you this unique experience. Cristina proposes an hour to introduce you to Oriental Dance which will highlight your femininity and your sensuality on mesmerizing music. A genuine privileged moment to discover this choreographic art and share it in a joyful and friendly atmosphere.


oriental dance lesson riad dar taliwint marrakech



Haunting rhythms and whirlwinds of music will thrill you and, in a natural way, the undulations, the pelvis and hips swaying and all the graceful movements of the body will appear. The sound of the violins and of the darbouka will reveal the dancer-goddess in you!



Belly dancing cristina riad dar taliwint marrakech


The lesson will start with gentle stretching to allow the body to undulate.

Then you study the basic movements of the pelvis and hips, such as the famous Maya 8.

The last part is devoted to learning a choreographic sequence, full of fun. Now, put on the exotic costume !



belly dance belt riad dar taliwint marrakech (2)



The drums go mad, You are the Queen of the game!

A photo and video shoot of your performance will conclude the session.


Let the artist speak for herself:

« Since my childhood, dancing has been my passion. After training in classical ballet, the oriental dance imposed itself on me, it was like a revelation! As for me, it is pure joy ! It comes into its own when it is shared. It is a kind of therapy-art, I have been teaching belly dancing for 15 years ».



Cristina oriental dance lesson riad dar taliwint marrakech



“At the same time, I was happy to perform and dance in Egypt, Senegal, Italy, France and Morocco of course. In this country my dreams came true. I enjoy creating choreographies that everyone can dance and express. My heart is the transmitter!”



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