Moroccan pastry riad dar taliwint marrakech

The alleys of the medina are always perfumed with the scent of the Moroccan pastries which are celebrated around the world. Orange blossom water, almonds, cinnamon, honey, rose water, pistachios, tease the nostrils and excite the taste buds… But it is also a feast for the eyes. The diversity of all these stuffed cakes, flaky pastries, cookies is really amazing and the pastry shops are proud to exhibit their creations in their windows and on their appealing tables.

Contrary to common belief, Moroccan pastries are rarely fried in oil. Most of the time, it is light pastry made from shortbread, crispy warka leaves,  almond paste, stuffed with dates, figs, honey, lemon, anise, cinnamon, sesame…

Let us make an overview of a few delicacies:


These crescent-shaped cookies consist of a thin pastry shell wrapped around a cinnamon-flavored almond filling, enriched with orange blossom water. The gazelle horns require a great know-how. In Morocco a gazelle represents the beauty, the grace, the sensitivity. In the field of pastry, its horns are a peak of refinement!


Gazelle horns riad dar taliwint marrakech


A spiral or more exactly a coiled snake; The name of the pastry  comes from its snake-like form. Warka pastry is filled with almond paste. It is also prepared with sugar, cinnamon, mastic powder, butter, orange flower water. Sometimes it is dusted with powdered sugar or brushed with warm honey.


M'hencha riad dar taliwint marrakech



Must be soft and crispy at the same time. Ingredients are semolina, sugar, baking powder, oil, vanilla extract, egg, orange blossom water, almonds and/or dried coconut. It can be enjoyed at any time, in any circumstance.


Macarons Ghriba riad dar taliwint marrakech


One of the very few fried pastries. It is also coated in honey and sprinkled with sesame and anice seeds. It is crunchy and very sweet.Une des rares pâtisseries marocaines frites. This delicious treat is traditionaly prepared during the month of Ramadan. It is served alongside harira soup to break the long fast.


Chebakia riad dar taliwint marrakech


Prepared with shortbread,  enriched with orange blossom water, aniseed, sometimes citrus zest, nuts, almonds, pistachios or sesame seeds. Looking like biscotti, small bread slices, they are welcome with mint tea.


Fekkas riad dar taliwint


This dessert  usually consists of a sweet date filling that is placed inside semolina dough. It is fried or baked, and then doused in honey-based syrups which are often flavored with lemon or orange.

The name derives from the word makrout, translated as diamond-shaped, which describes the traditional shape of these sweet treats. Since they are eaten throughout North Africa, they appear in numerous variations. Many of them use figs or almonds as the filling and flavor the cakes with cinnamon, cloves, and orange water.



Makrout riad dar taliwint marrakech


Like a little bag which would contain small secrets. Kamoussa is flavored with orange blossom water, almonds, lemon… We could almost eat it in one bite


Poches kamoussa riad dar taliwint marrakech





And now one more little selection “for the road”!


Assortiment pâtisserie riad dar taliwint marrakech



Thanks to Pâtisserie ANJAR in Marrakech. Thanks for letting us take pictures.

Adress: Av. Hommane Al Fatouaki. Open daily from 08.00 to 21.30

Located near the Mellah market. An essential adress. The patisserie has been run for decades by the same family. Freshness and Sweetness guaranteed.