Useful information

Where can I exchange my currency?

In the banks or in the numerous exchange offices in the city.

What are the opening and closing times of the Souks?
The souks of the medina (the former city) start at 10:00 am until midnight with lunch break, for shopping centers in the new city from 10:00 to 22:00.

How long for airport / city center?
Normally the journey from the airport to the city center takes about 15 minutes.

Do traders, taxis and restaurants have an EPT?
Most restaurants and shops in Marrakech accept card payment. On the other hand, small shops, simple restaurants, taxis and  public transport accept only the local currency. You will find ATMs everywhere in the city.

Does the wifi work well in Marrakech?

Yes, the connections are satisfactory in the city. Step by step the medina is equipped with optical fiber.

Where can I buy a local sim card?

Of course at the specialized stores Orange, Maroc Telecom, Inwi but a sim card can be bought even in the small grocery shops or tobacco shops.

What is the best way to arrive in the medina from the airport?

The easiest and, often, cheapest way is to accept the airport pick-up offered by your accomodation. It will prevent you from negociating a price with the drivers in the airport. Besides, the driver of your hotel will escort you to the door . Thus you will not get lost in the alleys and you will escape the teenagers as guides who often ask too much money for the service.

What is the distance between the center of the medina and the center of the modern city Gueliz?

Along the charming Boulevard Mohamed V, it will take 30mns on foot.

Do I have to book in advance the tickets for the visits?

No, you can buy your tickets directly on site.

Only Majorelle Garden and Yves Saint-Laurent entrance tickets have to be booked on line.

What are the opening times of the museums and monuments?

Generally from 9.30 am until 05.00 pm. Check more precisely.

Is Friday a non-working day?

No. It is just a special day with a grand prayer around 13.00 and the couscous for  lunch at home.

Is Sunday a holiday?

No, Sunday is a normal day and everything is opened except banks.

What is the differencebetween a grand taxi and a petit taxi?

The grands taxis operate just like collective transport. According to the vehicle, they can take up to 6 passengers. They are allowed to exit the city and have no meter. In the daily practice, everyone pays for his seat.  The tourists have to negociate the price.

The petits taxis cannot drive out of the city itself. They cannot take more than 3 passengers. They are equipped with a meter which they normally have to put on. The prices are so cheap that they try to get more money from the tourists… Within reasonable limite, you can accept to support them a bit.

Why do we have to bargain our purchases?

This is an ancestral cultural tradition. Everyone, including the locals, has to bargain. It is more a way of getting to know each other, of making contact. This process must be considered more as a little friendly game.

When you buy something in the end you are the winner because you agree with the final price. You are allowed to be tough if your expectations are reasonable. There is no magic procedure. Things have the price of the moment!