Arts culinaires Musée riad dar taliwint marrakech

The museums neighbouring Dar Taliwint

For many years Morocco has been one of the favourite destinations for Europeans. This amazing country is praised for its spectacular landscapes, its gastronomy and, of course, its ancestral culture. AmongMoroccan key destinations: Marrakech, its former capital city with its beautiful medina, its colourful souks or its Agafay desert. A stone’s throw away from Riad dar Taliwint, a few emblematic museums will offer you large parts of this cultural richness.

Dar Si Said Museum, National Museum of weaving and carpets

Just a few steps from Dar Taliwint, the Dar Si Said Museum has reopened its doors, after restoration, to present its rich collections of carpets and weavings from the Atlas. This 19th century palace is a splendid testimony of rich interior architecture in Marrakech.


Dar si Said museum of carpets riad dartaliwint marrakech


It is a genuine jewel and one of the most beautiful palaces in Marrakech. Its garden, its decoration enhance this quiet place. The old or more recent carpets and weaving pieces find there an ideal setting. The urban carpets, the rural carpets present characteristics specific to every region as well as the geometric, floral, animal or human patterns.


Dar Si Said museum riad dar taliwint marrakech


The carpet manufacturing steps are also well explained in the Museum. The space now can really highlight the ancient art of Moroccan weaving and carpeting.







Moroccan Culinary Arts Museum

A few meters away, the Moroccan Culinary Arts Museum, established in two superbly restored riads, gives the opportunity to discover the history of Moroccan cuisine, its Jewish and Berber roots, its tradition, its daily practice, its renewal.


Culinary arts museum riad dar taliwint mrrakech


The infinite variety of spices, the tools and cooking vessels indispensable to prepare the delicious recipes are presented in a way that excites the  taste buds. After the visit, Tangias, Tagines, R’fissa, Trid, Tfaia, Pastillas will have no more secrets for you.


Arts culinaires riad dar taliwint marrakech



On the roof terrace, the space evokes the big Square Jemaa El Fna with its food outlets.

The Museum also offers cooking workshops. You will be able to prepare a full meal and taste it in good company.  Every workstation is equipped with individual screens. Extremely modern to enhance tradition!






The M A P, Monde des Arts de la Parure

This new Museum is located in the heart of the neighbouring Kasbah district and adds a spectacular panel to the cultural spectrum of the city of Marrakech. Just two steps from The Saadian Tombs, the building with its unique architecture, reveals a collection of more than 3000 pieces of ornaments.


MAP horses chevaux riad dar taliwint marrakech


Finery, ceremonial garments, jewelry, accessories coming from about 50 countries  of Africa, Asia and Europe. Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Cameroon, Ivory Coast, Niger, Tchad, Ethiopia…for Africa. Turkey, Syria, Yemen, India, Vietnam, Japan, China, Iran…for Asia. Greece, Macedonia, Bulgaria, Albania, Russia, Serbia…for Europe. The collection of a couple of enthusiasts is just amazing. The scenographic tour has been thought of with great care.


MAP jewels Riaddartaliwintmarrakech


The fluid and enjoyable arrangement of the spaces, the stylished presentation of the showcases, the beauty and rarity of the pieces, make this journey easier as the eyes remain wide open!



MAP garments vêtements riad dar taliwint marrakech

Museum of Intangible Cultural Heritage Jemaa El Fna

This new museum is logically located on the Square Jemaa El Fna, a ten-minute-walk from Dar Taliwint. Listed  by UNESCO as an oral and intangible heritage of humanity, the site of  the Square has always been a place of meetings, exchanges, trade, oral, musical, artistic traditions. For centuries it has attracted people, locals and visitors. Documents, pictures, films shot on the Square can testify.


Patrimoine Jemaa el fna riad dar darliwint marrakech



Those who claim that the Square is nowadays a “tourist trap” are completely wrong! Life and animation are the same all year round, with or without tourists. Every evening, the locals gather there to have fun , enjoy the shows and have dinner with friends or family.

This pretty museum tells about the life on the Square Jemaa El Fna, the life of the artists, of the story tellers. Many questions and mysterious aspects still arise if one wants to understand why this spot is that fascinating for the Morrocans and the visitors from the whole world.


World heritage jemaaelfna riaddartaliwint marrakech




Dar El Bacha Museum. Confluence Museum.

Thami El Glaoui, often referred to as the “Pasha”, was a colourful character! He received his title from Sultan Moulay Youssef (great-grandfather of King Mohamed VI) in 1912. He was also nicknamed “The Lord of the Atlas” or “The Black Panther”. He “ruled” for many years over southern Morocco, exerting great political and cultural influence. He was a sort of governor, a pro-West wealthy man, and he enjoyed associating with the European intellectual and artistic elite, and  his circle of friends included Winston Churchill, Colette, Maurice Ravel, Charlie Chaplin, Josephine Baker.


Dar el Bacha Chaplin dar taliwint marrakech


In 1910, he had his palace built to impress his guests, conceived as a metaphor for the extent of his power. As long as he was not staying in his home in Telouet or in the luxurious European palaces, he entertained his guests in Marrakech in this new sumptuous Palace which  immediately stood among the most beautiful venues of the city. He led a lavish lifestyle, organizing the most magnificent parties for his famous guests.


Zellige Musée Dar El Bacha riad dar taliwint mrrakech


A controversial figure in his own country, he was also considered a traitor in  Morocco, still colonized by France. He fell into disfavour and died in 1956, just before the country’s independence.

It is only a small portion of the Palace that was renovated by the National Foundation of Museums of Morocco and then opened as the Dar El Bacha-Musée des Confluences Museum after its inauguration by His Majesty King Mohammed VI in July 2017.




The Palace is like a traditional architectural catalogue, offering all the Moroccan interior decoration techniques, arts and crafts. It is a genuine feast for the visitor’s eyes.

The museum also organizes temporary exhibitions highlighting different facets of Moroccan culture and world cultures.

The Bacha Coffee Room & Boutique, whose décor mixes art nouveau and Moroccan tradition, is an evocation of the refined art of living that once prevailed in the Palace.


DAR EL BACHA COFFE dar taliwint marrakech


Tiskiwin Museum (Closed until further notice)

In our street, rue de la Bahia, we have the Tiskiwin Museum, home of the Dutch professor and collector Bert Flint who was particularly interested in popular Berber and Saharian art. In the heart of this charming house, this private museum offers a collection of daily objects, pieces of art linked with the traditional housing and the habits and customs of the Berber people.


Musee Tiskiwin riaddartaliwintmarrakech


Bert Flint, who died in 2022, made of his home and museum his life’s masterpiece. Unfortunately, since his death , the House has closed its doors closed until further notice.